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Rex Jansonius, is Todd’s older brother.  Having been raised on that north central Iowa farm along side his parent’s and siblings, Rex remains involved in the family farming operation with his Father Calvin.  Love of all things mechanical remains a driving force for Rex, whether it be an engine in a tractor, combine, motorcycle, go cart, stock car, vintage truck or airplane, Rex can be found working on multiple projects at all times.  In addition to being a farmer and avid pilot, Rex is also an ag machinery salesman.  When Rex isn’t hard at work, he is hard at play either tinkering with an engine, flying his plane or working outdoors around the farm.  “There is only one of me and I am always going, going, going” Is one of his favorite sayings.

Big D - Dan Dreesen has always been an Iowa native. You'll often find Dan wrenching on his cars, one of his favorite things to do. When Dan's not doing that, he spending time with his wife Kris, and daughters Kaylee & Alicen., and his son Austin. Dan is also an avid outdoorsman, and loves to hunt and fish when not finding cars....He loves hangin' out with his best friend Todd Jansonius....Dan also enjoys spending time in Todd's shop working on their next big flip!


 Todd Jansonius. was born and raised on a small farm in north central Iowa, where his parents still reside. His Dad, (along with farming for 87 years!) has been a mechanic,  truck driver, fabricator, motorcyclist, and a private pilot, and Todd's brother Rex and Todd have followed in his footsteps. "It seems like there was always a go kart or snowmobile around when I was young, and Rex and I got our first mini bike when I was 8 and our first Harley when I was 10! We both also were involved in stock car racing for 15 years, and have now become Pilots. My wife Nancy and I have owned and operated Todd's Exhaust Pros for over 25 years. It has grown from a mom and pop operation in a one-bay shop into the busy six-bay business that it currently is. We have also raised two sons, one a college student, and the other, a fourth grader, both aspiring motorheads! As I have always enjoyed music, somehow I found the time along the way be involved in a local classic rock and blues band as well.



Nancy Jansonius,  co-owner of  Todd exhaust pros, and wife of Todd,  was born and raised around Detroit, Michigan, and attended Central Michigan university and Michigan State. she moved to her parents home state of Iowa, and that's  when she met Todd in 1988. "Together, we founded Todds exhaust pros in 1989, and have owned and operated the business ever since! We have raised two wonderful sons together, and I've always felt blessed to be able to work alongside my husband. I enjoy cooking, reading, RVing, and our pets, Maddie and Marvin."